Praise the lord and pass the food!

Todd has worked many jobs in a variety of careers.  Early on, he worked as a prep and line cook in various chain restaurants ranging from Applebee's to TGI Friday's.  Todd worked as an outdoor adventure guide for 15 years and even worked as a web designer for a few large corporations.  Through it all, he kept cooking...


Thirteen years ago, Todd started a YouTube channel.  Says Todd, "I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I didn't understand YouTube or social media, for that matter.  I was just having fun!  I uploaded videos of everything from my Rocky Mountain hunting trips to cooking videos.  Although my early videos were crude in production quality, I started to develop a following.  I was eventually sponsored by many companies in various avenues of the outdoor industry."


Todd found his niche in outdoor cooking.  The day he received his first Blackstone Griddle was an exciting one.  UPS delivered it, he set it up, starting filming griddling videos and the rest was history.  His love for griddling took on a life of its own.  He often receives emails and comments from viewers across the country who say they started griddling because of him.  Whether you know him as Two-bite Todd or the Toddfather of Griddling, Todd was the first person to use a Blackstone Griddle on YouTube. 


Over the years, Todd has been filmed for the Outdoor Channel, AMC, DIY Network, and has been featured on radio programs and podcasts.  He has cooked and performed in well over 30 states.  "I am blessed to travel America, sharing the joy of griddling with the people I meet along the way. I write recipes, film cooking videos, perform cooking demos, and do many other things with Blackstone."

Todd and his wife live in Colorado with their six children!